masticate events explore the social architecture of

eating and encourage play with food


curated by interior architect jacinta lawani and

food artist lucy locket to subvert the rules of

dinner table etiquette


we invite you to digest, to participate



lucy was raised in northern england where the chip

butty rules. a sensory seeker, colour and pattern play heavily in her

work as a chef.


masticate originated as the title of an ongoing

performance series, in which encounters in public

spaces are initiated to create intimate exchanges,

disrupt behavioural patterns and social norms.



jacinta has pounded yam in her grandmother’s kitchen

since a tender age. born in nigeria and raised in italy, she chose to study

architecture in florence before collaborating with

various design firms in madrid, where she obtained

her master’s degree in interior design.


jacinta’s paths from lagos to bombay strongly influence

her creative process to merge photography, design and



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